Beach Mat

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The Handy Beach Mat is an innovative and practical mat designed for your beach outings. This is why you’ll love it:

  • It’s ultra soft and feels great on your skin (can also be used as a towel)
  • The hole for you umbrella pole means you can get fully shaded
  • Store items or add weight in secret pockets to keep mat secure on windy days
  • Perfect size for a family
  • Made with Eco-friendly fabric (comfort is not compromised)
  • Comes with a stand-out bag that is spacious and easy to pack
Color: Teal
Spacious mat for a family to relax and enjoy their beach day

Ideal size and lightweight

Time to relax with our specially designed beach mat slash picnic blanket. It's spacious enough for a family of four and weighs only 1.5 lbs.

Lying on the soft and luxurious Handy Beach Mat

Luxuriously soft and eco-friendly material

Lie back and enjoy the pleasant feeling of our beach mat on your skin. Made with silky smooth recycled materials for a more comfortable and eco-friendly beach experience.

The Handy Beach Mat has convenient pockets for storing personal items

Secret pockets for your items and wind-resistance

Equipped with underside pockets, the mat offers a secure storage solution for your personal belongings, ensuring they remain hidden but within easy reach. These cleverly designed pockets also serve as anchor bags, effectively securing the mat's corners even on windy days.

The Handy Beach Mat has a convenient hole for a beach umbrella pole

A hole for your beach umbrella

For better shade and UV protection during your day at the beach conveniently position your umbrella over the entirety of your blanket using the slit in the middle of the mat.

The Handy Beach Mat is quick drying and doesn't pick up sand

Quick-dry and sand-free

Exceptional fabric repels sand so its easy to flick or shake clean but also absorbs moisture and dries fast. It also works perfectly as an oversized beach towel.

The Handy Beach Mat is easy to pack and carry with its convenient pull string bag

Stylish bag included

The drawstring bag makes it easy to carry the mat and other essentials with you to the beach. At the end of the day you won't be struggling to pack the mat away thanks to the bag's wide opening and roomy interior.

Client Testimonials

I just love standing my umbrella up in the middle of the mat. It really helps to keep the family cool and out of harmful UV rays.

Mark, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

I only get to the beach a few times a year so I want everything to work well when I do. Your mat plays its part as it feels great and doesn't flap around in the wind. I'll only be using this mat from now on.

Alex, Jersey City, New Jersey

I just love the way the the mat feels on my skin.

Nancy, Naples, Florida

The Handy Beach Mat is made with recycled plastic material yet doesn't compromise on comfort

Recycled material that doesn't compromise on comfort

Planet Friendly Fabric

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The Handy Beach Mat is made from recycled material yet is soft and comfortable


The Handy Beach Mat has versatile pockets for storing personal belongings

Versatile pockets

The Handy Beach Mat has a convenient hole for the Handy Beach Anchor or umbrella pole

Umbrella hole

The Handy Beach Mat dries quickly


The Handy Beach Mat easily shakes off sand