We make products using recycled PET Bottles to help reduce plastic waste

At Handy Beach Goods, our dedication to sustainability is more than just a choice – it's woven into who we are. We take pride in crafting our products from recycled PET (RPET), a material derived from postconsumer polyethylene terephthalate, commonly found in food storage containers, water bottles, and soda bottles.

Through recycling programs and cleanup initiatives, these used plastics are collected and transformed into high-quality flakes or pellets. The recycled material is turned into yarn and then becomes the fabric for our umbrella canopies, blankets, and bags.

RPET Production cycle

RPET production cycle

By choosing RPET, we actively contribute to a healthier environment. The recycling process we embrace helps mitigate the pervasive issue of plastic waste in landfills and can reduce the carbon footprint associated with traditional plastic production. Each of our products plays a role in minimizing plastic waste, with the following contributions:

Number of Recycled bottles in Handy Beach Products

Number of recycled bottles in Handy Beach Products

Our dedication to environmental responsibility extends beyond our manufacturing practices. We proudly support Debris Free Ocean who are tirelessly working to combat plastic pollution in our coastal ecosystems.

Debris Free Ocean Logo

By aligning ourselves with such initiatives and organizations, we hope to not only strengthen their efforts but also continuously enhance our own knowledge and capacity for environmentally positive innovation within our business.