A couple enjoying beach life while using a Handy Beach Anchor and umbrella

Beach Goods Reinvented

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Lying on the soft and luxurious Handy Beach Mat

Beach mat stacked with smart features

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Person holding the Handy Beach Anchor that secures beach umbrellas

Game changing umbrella sand anchor

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Sitting on the Handy Beach Mat and while under a beach umbrella that is secured by the Handy Beach Anchor

The ultimate beach bundle

Save and enjoy maximum beach comfort when purchasing the Hammering Stake Anchor and Handy Beach Mat.

Installing the Handy Beach Goods, beach umbrella sand anchor

The revolutionary anchor

Install your beach umbrella in under 10 seconds and keep it secured even on windy days.

Lying on the Handy Beach Mat, the perfect accessory for beach relaxation

The beach mat with smart features

Luxurious comfort, sand-free, quick-dry, wind-resistant, hole for umbrella and super portable.

Client Testimonials

I have never, ever in 30 years of going to the beach installed a beach umbrella so easily and as securely as I do with the Hammering Stake! Five stars!

John, Sarasota, FLΒ 

I love the hammering stake – putting up the umbrella is so quick and effortless now. I don’t need help with it anymore.

Ani, Miami, FL

I only get to the beach a few times a year so I want everything to work well when I do. Your mat plays its part as it feels great and doesn't flap around in the wind. I'll only be using this mat from now on.

Alex, Jersey City, New Jersey

It is the only quality beach accessory that will prevent your beach umbrella from flying away.

Steven, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

I just love standing my umbrella up in the middle of the mat. It really helps to keep the family cool and out of harmful UV rays.

Mark, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

We really stood out on the beach with the beautiful Chevron Mat and the amazing Hammering Stake. Can't wait for you next product.

Ashley, Savanna, Georgia

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