Guide to Choosing the Best Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor

Guide to Choosing the Best Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor - Handy Beach Goods


The beach is a perfect destination for relaxation and fun, but setting up a beach umbrella can be challenging. That is why using a sand anchor will greatly improve your day at the beach. A sand anchor is a device that is designed to firmly hold your umbrella in the sand and stop it from blowing away in the wind.

What do you need to Consider Before Choosing a Sand Anchor?

When selecting a sand anchor for your umbrella, there are several factors to take into account. The size, material, and design of the anchor are all important considerations. If the anchor is too small, it may not provide sufficient support, while if it's too large, it may be difficult to transport to the beach. Additionally, plastic anchors may be too weak and prone to breaking, rendering them useless.

Design is another critical factor since some beach umbrella sand anchors may only be suitable for use on soft and moist sand beaches, which are often not the conditions you are going to find at the beach. 

You may also want to consider the type of beach umbrella you're using. A larger, heavier umbrella will require a sturdier anchor base that can support its weight. In contrast, a smaller, lighter umbrella will necessitate an anchor that can maintain its grip against strong gusts of wind.

A runaway or unstable umbrella can easily ruin your day at the beach, so selecting the right anchoring device is crucial. Here's our expert sand anchor review to assist you in selecting the best beach umbrella sand anchor for your requirements. 

Runaway umbrella or blown away umbrella tumbling down the beach creating a stressful situation and potential for injury

What Types of Sand Anchoring Devices are Available?

There are several sand anchor designs available, but the most common ones are the screw, auger, or spiral anchors that are attached to the end of an umbrella base pole. The principle behind these designs is that they grip the sand as you twist the pole into the ground. These anchors are usually lightweight yet bulky and may or may not fit in your beach accessories bag. 

The main drawback of this first group of sand anchors is that they don't provide a secure grip if the beach is not optimal, such as when the sand is dry and sugary soft. Moreover, these anchors are typically short in length so don't penetrate deep enough into the sand to resist being dislodged by strong gusts of wind. Additionally, since they are made of plastic, they can easily break, and you may not get much use out of them beyond one or two beach trips.

Another popular sand anchor design is the sandbag, which can be attached to either your umbrella base pole or canopy. The idea behind this design is that the weight of the sand will hold down your umbrella and prevent it from flying away. 

While this second group of anchors are more effective than the screw, auger, or spiral anchors in higher winds, they require significantly more effort to install. You need to spend time on your hands and knees shoveling sand into the sandbag, and each time you use them, you must prepare the sandbag and remember to bring your shovel and straps. As things are easily misplaced at the beach, missing or forgetting a crucial component can be extremely frustrating.


The Hammering Stake is portable and convenient to carry

Why do we recommend the Hammering Stake?

After conducting several tests on various sand anchors available in the market, we found that the Hammering Stake is the unique and standout product because it is highly effective against high winds and unexpected gusts, and is easy to install on any kind of beach terrain. 

The Hammering Stakes pointed nose is made of heavy-duty non-corrosive steel, this 17-inch long metal sand anchor can be driven deep into the beach and then will hold firm, whether the beach is made up of dry soft sand or hard-packed sand mixed with stones and clay. 

A very practical benefit of using the Hammering Stake is that it can serve as your new and improved umbrella base pole so you continue to use your existing beach umbrella without having to remember or carry anything extra to the beach. Moreover, the Hammering Stake saves you valuable time and effort as it only takes a few seconds to install and to take down.

In Conclusion 

The Hammering Stake really is the only beach umbrella sand anchor that works in all conditions and with all types of umbrellas. Don't let a runaway umbrella ruin your day at the beach. Invest in a reliable and efficient beach umbrella sand anchor like the Hammering Stake to ensure your umbrella stays in place and provides you with shade and comfort throughout the day. 

With the Hammering Stake, you can spend more time relaxing, playing with your kids, and enjoying a peaceful swim without constantly checking if your umbrella is still standing. Have a wonderful, hassle-free day at the beach!

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