Hammering Stake - Beach Anchor

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The Hammering Stake is a revolutionary one piece umbrella base pole and sand anchor.

Here are a few reasons why you should get one: 

  • Keeps umbrella securely in place in strong winds and gusty conditions
  • Quick and easy 10 seconds to set-up
  • Durable and suitable for all beach types
  • Compatible with your existing beach umbrella
  • Meets Consumer Product Safety Commission beach anchoring recommendation

    Umbrella is NOT included in sale.

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    Installing the Handy Beach Goods, beach umbrella sand anchor

    Effortless 10 second installation

    Unlike any other sand anchors on the market the Hammering Stake doesn't require any digging, twisting, hooking or assembling of extra parts to set it up. It's one-piece design makes it easy to install in under 10 seconds.

    Lying under a an umbrella safely secured by a Handy Beach Anchor

    Keeps you and others safe

    Our anchor holds firm in the windiest beachgoing conditions so you can stop worrying about your umbrella toppling over or flying away. As recommended by the Consumer Protection Commission this anchor can drive up to 2 feet in to the beach and is weighted down.

    Person easily carrying umbrella and Handy Anchor Hammering Stake

    Easy to carry

    With the dimensions of a standard umbrella pole its very portable and fits neatly in your umbrella bag replacing your existing umbrella pole.

    The Handy Beach Anchor Hammering Stake is made from top quality materials

    Made with top quality materials

    The Hammering Stake is a heavy-duty sand anchor made with top quality materials that contribute to its remarkable stability and ease of use. The non-corrosive steel nose grips firmly into soft sugar beaches and penetrates hard-packed sand, clay, and pebble beaches that are usually challenging for other sand anchors.

    The Handy Beach Anchor is universal and versatile

    Universal and Versatile

    You don't need a new beach umbrella! Our Anchor replaces your existing umbrella base pole and sand anchor. Use it beyond the beach, in your garden, at the park or while camping. Just hammer it in.

    Client Testimonials

    I have never, ever in 30 years of going to the beach installed a beach umbrella so easily and as securely as I do with the Hammering Stake!  Five stars!

    John, Sarasota, Florida

    I love the hammering stake – putting up the umbrella is so quick and effortless now. I don’t need help with it anymore. 

    Ani, Miami, Florida

    It is the only quality beach accessory that will prevent your beach umbrella from flying away. 

    Steven, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

    Designed to meet Consumer Product Safety Commission recommendations

    Innovative enginnering

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    The Handy Beach Anchor takes 10 seconds to set-up

    10 second set up

    The Handy Beach Anchor safely secures beach umbrellas so that they don't fly away and injure you or others on the beach

    Safety first

    The Handy Beach Anchor is versatile as it fits with most umbrellas and works on all beach types


    The Handy Beach Goods products are designed to withstand beach winds and gusts


    Handy Beach Goods engineering is innovative and high quality

    Smart engineering