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Introducing the Handy Beach Mat: Your Ultimate Beach Buddy!

Introducing the Handy Beach Mat: Your Ultimate Beach Buddy! - Handy Beach Goods

The Handy Beach Goods Team is delighted to introduce our latest creation: the Handy Beach Mat. It has been thoughtfully designed with features that we believe beachgoers will love. We wanted to take a moment to share our design considerations with you, as we are genuinely excited about this beach blanket.

Following the remarkable success of the Hammering Stake (the ultimate sand anchor for securing beach umbrellas), our aim was to enhance your beach experience further by introducing a beach mat that blends comfort with practicality. The market is flooded with various picnic blanket and camping mat  options but we couldn’t find a beach mat that met what we believe are essential criteria. In our opinion a great beach mat should at a minimum:

  • feel great on your skin and to lie on
  • be durable and easy to maintain
  • use planet friendly materials
  • be big but not bulky or heavy 

  • So we set out on a mission to make a beach mat that would not compromise on these requirements. The first critical step for us was to identify the right material for the blanket. 

    Handy Beach Mat feels soft and can be used as a towel to dry off

    After an extensive exploration of material options from around the globe, we found the ideal solution: a recycled microfiber polyester. This material is remarkable not only because it boasts a luxuriously soft texture but also excels in efficiently wicking away sweat and effortlessly shedding sand. In addition to its durability, this material offers the convenience of being machine washable and suitable for tumble drying.

    We take pride in our choice of recycled polyester material, reflecting our shared responsibility to minimize our impact on the planet. It's especially pleasing that this recycled option doesn't compromise the luxurious look and feel of the mat.

    Careful thought went into determining the perfect size for our mat. Since top-quality materials tend to be thicker, we had to ensure the mat remained practical and lightweight for beach trips. After gathering insights, we settled on the ideal dimensions: 70” x 70”, which comfortably accommodates two adults and two children. This decision allowed us to keep the mat's weight at a very modest 1.5 lbs.

    With the foundation of our beach mat laid down, it was time to incorporate some essential features to make the best beach mat.

    Convenient to carry and pack-up

    Handy Beach Mat is easy to carry and pack away
    Creating a lightweight, high-quality mat that conveniently folds down to a manageable size was already a significant win. Yet, we knew beach trips often mean carrying various beach accessories, so we aimed to make this mat highly portable and simple to pack at the end of your beach day. We've all been there – struggling to put away a stubborn mat into a seemingly too-small bag, which can definitely put a damper on your relaxed mood. To solve for this we came up with a roomy drawstring bag that the mat easily fits into without having to be perfectly folded. What's more, it offers space for other personal items, adding to the convenience of carrying your belongings to and from the beach.


    Center hole for umbrella

    Umbrella pole or Hammering Stake can be placed in center hole of Handy Beach Mat

    We wanted our beach mat to help you get the best possible shade at the beach so we put a hole for your beach umbrella in the middle of the mat. This center slit makes it a breeze to secure your beach umbrella above you for maximum UV protection. This way it’s easy to create your own little oasis of shade with your canopy right above you, as the sun arcs across the sky.

    Beyond just helping you get the shade you require; this innovative hole also resolves the familiar struggle of managing towels around your umbrella. You won’t need to awkwardly arrange towels like puzzle pieces around your umbrella pole anymore. Our Handy Beach Mat offers a clean and comfortable surface to sprawl on, making your beach retreat a true relaxation haven.

    Doesn’t flap around in the wind

    Handy Beach Mat has pockets that can be used as sandbags

    We're all familiar with how beach days can sometimes turn breezy, leading to those comical 'beach kite' scenarios. Traditional pegs often prove futile, getting lost or becoming a hassle to carry around, and they rarely keep a good grip in the sand. In response, we've introduced corner pockets that double as sand bags. By adding a touch of weight, these pockets prevent wild flapping and ensure your mat stays grounded, eliminating any chance of liftoff. This wind-resistant innovation perfectly complements our Hammering Stake, which steadfastly anchors your umbrella even in the gustiest conditions.

    Discreet pockets for personal items

    Upon integrating the corner pockets as sandbags, we uncovered an ingenious dual purpose – these pockets can discreetly hold your valuables or essential beach items, like sunscreen (ensuring it's always within reach). It's a clever hiding spot that would likely confound any potential beach pilferer. So, whether you're taking a refreshing swim or simply relaxing, your belongings remain out of sight but easily accessible.

    Looks Great

    The Handy Beach Mat looks great on the beach

    Finally, we wanted to design a mat to perfectly complement the beach ambiance. We've grown tired of the mundane, dull-colored mats and towels, as well as the overtly tacky dolphin like imagery. Instead, our aim was to fashion a design that evokes a sense of idyllic relaxation and exudes an aura of sophistication. The Handy Beach Mat, with its vibrant and pleasing colors, not only helps your friends spot you effortlessly in a crowd but also enhances the overall serenity of the beach experience.

    Now we have a mat that really lives up to the Handy moniker. The Handy Beach Mat, your new beach buddy, shade savior, wind warrior, and secret keeper – all rolled into one. We, at Handy Beach Goods, take pride in crafting products that bring joy, ease, and a splash of quirky fun to your beach escapades.

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