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The Hammering Stake Anchor and Handy Beach Mat make beach days hassle-free! These top quality accessories offer exceptional practicality and effectiveness, while executing serious style. Say goodbye to runaway umbrellas and flapping mats - these products make beach relaxation a breeze!
Color: Teal
Handy Beach Goods as seen in the media
Handy Beach Mat with the Handy Beach Anchor results in the best beach day

The ultimate beach duo for maximum shade

Our anchor secures your beach parasol, while the convenient umbrella hole in the center of our Handy Mat keeps the shade directly above you.

Setting up the Handy Beach Anchor with Handy Beach Mat is easy and very secure

The best combo for windy beach days

Our innovative combo ensures your umbrella remains secure without posing a hazard to you and others. The cleverly designed underneath pockets allow you to easily add weight, effectively anchoring the mat even in gusty conditions.

Handy Anchor Hammering Stake and Handy Mats in different colors

Portable companions

Carrying your Handy Beach Goods is easy. Our mats come with a convenient packable drawstring bag, making transportation a breeze. And the anchor fits in your umbrella bag.

Client Testimonial

We really stood out on the beach with the beautiful Chevron Mat and the amazing Hammering Stake. Can't wait for you next product.

Ashley, Savanna, Georgia

Designed to meet Consumer Product Safety Commission recommendations

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Smart and practical innovation to elevate your beach day

Handy Beach Accessories

Handy Beach Goods Premium Quality Badge

Premium quality

The Handy Beach Anchor safely secures beach umbrellas so that they don't fly away and injure you or others on the beach

Safety first

Handy Beach Goods engineering is innovative and high quality

Smart innovations

The Handy Beach Goods products are designed to withstand beach winds and gusts


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